Reason Why I Choose Electrical Engineering in Syiah Kuala University

My name is Ramadhan and my current age is 19 years old. My friends often call me with Ramadhan or Rama. I come from Bireuen, Aceh. And now, I live in Darussalam, Banda Aceh. My father name is Erdi and my mother name is Yusriwati. My father has passed away since I was 7 years old, is in 1999. Currently, he is a police and I think he is a good policeman. But something bad happened to him. When the conflict, he was kidnapped, the incident occurred on 7 October 1999. We did not know the cause. So, since that incident who became head of the family is my mother. My mother is a teacher in state primary shool 5 Peusangan, Bireuen. I have an elder sister and a young sister. My elder sister pursued graduation in nurse science at the same collge with me and younger sister is a student in SMPN 1 Peusangan.

I studying in electrical engineering from Syiah Kuala University. Talking about hobbies, I have many hobbies, like chat, surfing and forums in cyber, etc. Overall, I like the computer related, especially Internet and computer software. I wish actually want to be a great programmer. But at Syiah Kuala University not yet open the regular path to majors and finally I chose electrical engineering. Therefore, I choose to study in electrical engineering and and in the fifth semester, I plan to choose the field of computer studies and informatics.

Actually, my favorite college is Institut Teknologi Bandung with the choice of faculty School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics and I choose it as primary options in SNMPTN (Seleksi Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) exam and second choice in Syiah Kuala University with electrical engineering. But, I accepted in second choice.

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  1. hahhaa…. tugas aq entah kemana udah.

  2. tugas buk mel tu kan?

  3. Posted by Admin on Maret 8, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    wkwkwkkwkww iya.. daripada kosong mending ku post tugas2 dulu 😀

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